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Hep C Addiction Treatment West Palm Whole Health Dr Ligotti

Suboxone Clinic Offers Addiction Professionals HEP C & CPR

FREE Hepatitis C and CPR Training for Addiction Professionals

Addiction Treatment

Suboxone Clinic West Palm

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February 6, 2018
11:30 am – 3:30 pm

Whole Health ( Addiction Treatment West Palm / Opiate Detox West Palm )

402 SE 6th Ave Suite A,  Delray Beach, FL 33483

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Suboxone Clinic West Palm

Outpatient Addiction Treatment

The opioid epidemic is killing more people than car accidents.  Florida Gov. Rick Scott declared the opioid epidemic a public health emergency on May of 2017, and it is still in effect. This is good news for those of us at the front lines. Whole Health, in West Palm Beach, is educating addiction Treatment centers, and sober living facilities on Hep C, and providing information on Hep treatment scholarships (including meds) for their patients.

Addiction Treatment West Palm Educates on Silent Killer

While the official numbers of deaths cannot be compiled quickly enough, the information that is available clearly shows the opioid epidemic is growing extremely fast.  In 2015 heroin, fentanyl, oxycodone, and other opioids were directly responsible for the deaths of 3,896 Floridians, according to the most recent Florida Department of Law Enforcement statistics. Generation Z requires more education on what is fueling the opioid epidemic, diseases that are left untreated, ways of prevention including Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) to understand the treatment options available.

Suboxone doctor west palm whole health dr ligotti Hep C Training

Hep C Education for West Palm Addiction Treatment Centers, and Sober Living Facilities

According to the CDC many in the US are affected by Hepatitis C. The numbers are incredibly high for intravenous drug users, and unknown to the general public, baby boomers;

cdc_hepatitis C treatment

Others at risk include anyone that has;

  • shared any equipment to inject drugs (syringes, needles, snorting straws, etc…).
  • Injuries from a needle sticks in a healthcare setting. This is the most common way Hep C is spread.
  • babies born with a mother that has Hep C
  • Sharing needles, syringes, snorting straws, or other equipment to inject drugs
  • Needlestick injuries in health care settings
  • Being born to a mother who has Hepatitis C

Less commonly, a person can also get Hepatitis C virus infection through

  • Tattoos done in an environment that is not sterile
  • Sharing personal care items that may have come in contact with another person’s blood, such as razors or toothbrushes
  • Having sexual contact with a person infected with the Hepatitis C virus

Unchecked Hep C Putting Addiction Treatment Center Clients at Risk

Treatment centers must check their clients for Hep C, otherwise they are putting their entire population at risk. With 60 out of every 100 intravenous drug users, and 30 out of every 100 baby boomers having Hep C, it is critical that treatment centers test their clients for Hep C. This event is focused on educating treatment centers, and sober livings on how severe the hidden epidemic of the silent killer is, and options available for Hep C treatment.

Suboxone Clinic West Palm Beach, FL Offers Addiction Treatment Professionals HEP C, and CPR Training

In an “Opioid epidemic Prevention Event” sponsored by Whole-Health of Delray Beach that includes Boca Raton Fire Rescue, we wish to present tools to addiction professionals, treatment centers and sober living facility operators to help save lives by providing Hepatitis C, and CPR training (certificate of completion).


Whole-Health of Delray Beach, the premiere leader in addiction medicine, is proud to sponsor this life-saving event.

Addiction Treatment West Palm

Addiction Treatment West Palm

Dr. Ligotti will be providing education on Hep C, and revealing treatment options for treatment center clients that are covered by most insurances, with little to none out of pocket expense. 

You must attend this Event to Get info on Hep C Treatment Scholarships (including Meds). The public is welcome, and addiction professionals are encouraged to get info for their clients. 

Hepatitis C Treatment Scholarships

Suboxone Clinic West Palm Offers Hep C Treatment Scholarships

In addition, Whole Health will be providing 5 complete Hep C treatment scholarships, including free access to medication.  If you are a treatment center, and have a client with Hep C, contact Whole Health at 855-965-1626 to see if they qualify.

cpr training suboxone clinic west palm beach Florida whole health

Charlie Coyle of Palm Beach County Rescue will be providing CPR training with a certificate of completion.

Charlie Coyle is a 15-year paramedic who is an EMS training Captain for Palm Beach County Fire Rescue. He has an associate of science degree in Emergency Medical Services.

The EMS education for Palm Beach County Fire Rescue and other municipalities has been under Charlie’s direction for the past 4 years.

For the past 6 years Charlie has been a co-author of Palm Beach County Fire Rescue’s EMS protocols including dispatch instructions and recently authored the regional wide Palm Beach County EMS protocol book which has now been adopted in Broward County.

Mr. Coyle has had the distinct honor of attending the King County Resuscitation Academy along with the Resuscitation Cadaver lab hosted by Dr. Keith Lurie –a leading cardiac arrest expert. The American Heart Association also uses Charlie to speak, plan and perform Hands-Only CPR training for over 1000 people during the Heart Walk every year in Palm Beach County.

Current certifications and publications:

  • American Heart Association CPR Instructor and provider
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support Instructor and provider
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support Instructor and provider
  • Prehospital Trauma Life Support Instructor and provider

Here is a link to a study by Palm Beach Fire Rescue on How Would Use of Flow-Focused Adjuncts, Passive Ventilation and Head-Up CPR Affect All-Rhythm Cardiac Arrest Resuscitation Rates in a Large, Complex EMS System?

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Addiction Treatment West Palm Whole Health Dr Ligotti


Unchecked Addiction Treatment Diseases

Recognizing unchecked addiction treatment diseases must be included in every person’s treatment plan. We see many cases where our clients have been in treatment and did not know they had diseases directly related to their addiction. In a recent instance, Mary, a 23-year-old female with a long-standing history of intravenous drug and alcohol abuse. We found several issues that were left unchecked with this individual.

Individuals Reaction to Unknown Drug Abuse Related Diseases

When we informed her, the first response was, “What does that mean?” Then, “How did this happen?”.  She was just informed that she has hyperthyroidism (an overactive thyroid disease).  Every day here at Whole Health people are diagnosed with conditions they don’t fully understand. We thoroughly check all our patients in recognizing unchecked addiction treatment diseases.

recognizing unchecked addiction treatment diseases dr ligotti

Unchecked Addiction Treatment Diseases

When incorporating integrative medicine with addiction treatment medicine, we can discover many conditions upon physical examination and routine blood work that can exhibit an extensive array of signs and symptoms if left untreated.  We are educating the community in recognizing unchecked addiction treatment diseases.

Such disorders include thyroid dysfunction, vitamin deficiencies, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), anemia, and many more.  The symptoms from these underlying medical issues can, and often do, contribute to our patients relapsing on their drugs of choice as they struggle to feel “normal” in the face of always feeling terrible!

As one specific example of recognizing recognizing unchecked addiction treatment diseases, many studies have shown opiate use can cause changes in thyroid-binding globulin (TBG: a circulating protein produced in the liver).  High TBG levels can cause elevated TSH which is indicative of hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid), liver disease, and can be seen in pregnancy.  On the other hand, low TBG levels can lead to elevated Free T4 and Free T3 which is indicative of hyperthyroidism.

Advantage Dealing with a Specilized Physician

In Mary’s situation, routine labs were checked within 1 month of her last use that showed mildly elevated Free T4 and a low thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH).  At this point we recommend re-checking thyroid function in one month for follow up and re-assess.  Upon doing so, we have found that Mary’s Free T4 continued to be elevated and TSH was low.

An ultrasound of Mary’s thyroid was performed in our office which showed multiple thyroid nodule.  Mary was then sent for a thyroid uptake scan to further clarify her clinical state and to evaluate for the likelihood of thyroid cancer.  Luckily for Mary, her thyroid scan was not concerning.

After thorough evaluation and discussion with Mary, it was discovered that her biological mother also had hyperthyroidism, specifically Graves’ disease, which tends to run in families and is more common in women than men.  Mary had been experiencing symptoms for a while but was never aware that her symptoms could be from something other than withdrawal symptoms. In treating our patients, we are always recognizing unchecked addiction treatment diseases.

Mary realized her recent weight loss, racing heart, palpitations, nervousness, difficulty sleeping, frequent bowel movements, and no period for the past 6 months were all contributing to her new diagnosis of hyperthyroidism.  In retrospect, she realized that she had felt so poorly for so long, and wondered if she started and continued using drugs because she felt so terrible.  Now Mary can be treated appropriately and her symptoms should resolve accordingly, hopefully contributing to her ability to stay clean and sober.

Diet is Often Left Untreated in Addiction Treatment

Also, when people use drugs and/or alcohol, many times they do so in a binge fashion.  It is very common in this time period for a person to eat unhealthily, if they eat at all.  With this poor nutrition comes vitamin deficiencies such as B1 (Thiamine), B12, folic acid, iron and these can lead to anemias (a low amount of red blood cells in the body).

It is also common for an individual to be dehydrated due to lack of fluid intake or while experiencing withdrawal symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting, sweating.  With this comes electrolyte changes; decreased or increased sodium levels and decreased potassium levels.  Consequently, these electrolyte changes can cause muscle weakness, muscle spasms and cramps, confusion, lethargy, and even seizures.

The aforementioned are just a few examples of how general medical problems intertwine with our patients’ addiction issues.  Make sure your Doctor, or rehab capable of recognizing unchecked addiction treatment diseases. At Whole Health, we focus on “Integrative medicine”, or the combination of physical medical diagnosis and treatment alongside effective psychiatric care.  This combination of body and mind medicine offers our patients, whether living in our community or staying at a local treatment center, a true holistic approach to healing and gives them every chance to succeed!

Dr. Ligotti has completed training sponsored by the American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry in the use of Suboxone for the rapid outpatient treatment of opiate addicted patients. He also has specialized training and DEA authorization as a physician offering office-based opiate detoxification using Suboxone (opiate detox West Palm). Dr. Ligotti is among a very small number of physicians licensed to offer this treatment in a private office-based setting. You may be interested in some of Dr. Ligotti’s other articles on medication assisted Treatment (MAT) like “What Does (MAT) Medication Assisted Therapy Mean for Generation Z?.

Deanna Weilbacher, PA-C

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