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Hep C Addiction Treatment West Palm Whole Health Dr Ligotti

Suboxone Clinic Offers Addiction Professionals HEP C & CPR

FREE Hepatitis C and CPR Training for Addiction Professionals

Addiction Treatment

Suboxone Clinic West Palm

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February 6, 2018
11:30 am – 3:30 pm

Whole Health ( Addiction Treatment West Palm / Opiate Detox West Palm )

402 SE 6th Ave Suite A,  Delray Beach, FL 33483

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Suboxone Clinic West Palm

Outpatient Addiction Treatment

The opioid epidemic is killing more people than car accidents.  Florida Gov. Rick Scott declared the opioid epidemic a public health emergency on May of 2017, and it is still in effect. This is good news for those of us at the front lines. Whole Health, in West Palm Beach, is educating addiction Treatment centers, and sober living facilities on Hep C, and providing information on Hep treatment scholarships (including meds) for their patients.

Addiction Treatment West Palm Educates on Silent Killer

While the official numbers of deaths cannot be compiled quickly enough, the information that is available clearly shows the opioid epidemic is growing extremely fast.  In 2015 heroin, fentanyl, oxycodone, and other opioids were directly responsible for the deaths of 3,896 Floridians, according to the most recent Florida Department of Law Enforcement statistics. Generation Z requires more education on what is fueling the opioid epidemic, diseases that are left untreated, ways of prevention including Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) to understand the treatment options available.

Suboxone doctor west palm whole health dr ligotti Hep C Training

Hep C Education for West Palm Addiction Treatment Centers, and Sober Living Facilities

According to the CDC many in the US are affected by Hepatitis C. The numbers are incredibly high for intravenous drug users, and unknown to the general public, baby boomers;

cdc_hepatitis C treatment

Others at risk include anyone that has;

  • shared any equipment to inject drugs (syringes, needles, snorting straws, etc…).
  • Injuries from a needle sticks in a healthcare setting. This is the most common way Hep C is spread.
  • babies born with a mother that has Hep C
  • Sharing needles, syringes, snorting straws, or other equipment to inject drugs
  • Needlestick injuries in health care settings
  • Being born to a mother who has Hepatitis C

Less commonly, a person can also get Hepatitis C virus infection through

  • Tattoos done in an environment that is not sterile
  • Sharing personal care items that may have come in contact with another person’s blood, such as razors or toothbrushes
  • Having sexual contact with a person infected with the Hepatitis C virus

Unchecked Hep C Putting Addiction Treatment Center Clients at Risk

Treatment centers must check their clients for Hep C, otherwise they are putting their entire population at risk. With 60 out of every 100 intravenous drug users, and 30 out of every 100 baby boomers having Hep C, it is critical that treatment centers test their clients for Hep C. This event is focused on educating treatment centers, and sober livings on how severe the hidden epidemic of the silent killer is, and options available for Hep C treatment.

Suboxone Clinic West Palm Beach, FL Offers Addiction Treatment Professionals HEP C, and CPR Training

In an “Opioid epidemic Prevention Event” sponsored by Whole-Health of Delray Beach that includes Boca Raton Fire Rescue, we wish to present tools to addiction professionals, treatment centers and sober living facility operators to help save lives by providing Hepatitis C, and CPR training (certificate of completion).


Whole-Health of Delray Beach, the premiere leader in addiction medicine, is proud to sponsor this life-saving event.

Addiction Treatment West Palm

Addiction Treatment West Palm

Dr. Ligotti will be providing education on Hep C, and revealing treatment options for treatment center clients that are covered by most insurances, with little to none out of pocket expense. 

You must attend this Event to Get info on Hep C Treatment Scholarships (including Meds). The public is welcome, and addiction professionals are encouraged to get info for their clients. 

Hepatitis C Treatment Scholarships

Suboxone Clinic West Palm Offers Hep C Treatment Scholarships

In addition, Whole Health will be providing 5 complete Hep C treatment scholarships, including free access to medication.  If you are a treatment center, and have a client with Hep C, contact Whole Health at 855-965-1626 to see if they qualify.

cpr training suboxone clinic west palm beach Florida whole health

Charlie Coyle of Palm Beach County Rescue will be providing CPR training with a certificate of completion.

Charlie Coyle is a 15-year paramedic who is an EMS training Captain for Palm Beach County Fire Rescue. He has an associate of science degree in Emergency Medical Services.

The EMS education for Palm Beach County Fire Rescue and other municipalities has been under Charlie’s direction for the past 4 years.

For the past 6 years Charlie has been a co-author of Palm Beach County Fire Rescue’s EMS protocols including dispatch instructions and recently authored the regional wide Palm Beach County EMS protocol book which has now been adopted in Broward County.

Mr. Coyle has had the distinct honor of attending the King County Resuscitation Academy along with the Resuscitation Cadaver lab hosted by Dr. Keith Lurie –a leading cardiac arrest expert. The American Heart Association also uses Charlie to speak, plan and perform Hands-Only CPR training for over 1000 people during the Heart Walk every year in Palm Beach County.

Current certifications and publications:

  • American Heart Association CPR Instructor and provider
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support Instructor and provider
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support Instructor and provider
  • Prehospital Trauma Life Support Instructor and provider

Here is a link to a study by Palm Beach Fire Rescue on How Would Use of Flow-Focused Adjuncts, Passive Ventilation and Head-Up CPR Affect All-Rhythm Cardiac Arrest Resuscitation Rates in a Large, Complex EMS System?

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Addiction Treatment West Palm Whole Health Dr Ligotti


Narcan Education by Opiate Detox West Palm Doctor

Narcan Education by Opiate Detox West Palm Doctor

Opiate Doctor West Palm Beach announces quartrly Narcan and CPR Trainings. In an effort to combat negitive stigma that is being reinforced by the media. Headlines below are in newspapers, magazines, and reported on the daily news now on a horrifyingly regular basis. Many of these articles have perpetuated that Narcan entices addicts to continue to use. This article “Narcan Education by Opiate Detox West Palm Doctor” provides much needed information on this life saving drug.

Typically, in the context of somebody who was found unresponsive and unable to be resuscitated from opiate overdose.  The sad and scary reality is that novel opioids, not FDA approved drugs and often not even labeled for human consumption, are constantly being synthesized and sold by drug dealers across the globe.

Basically, clandestine scientists work in the laboratory to move some atoms around, making synthetic opioids such as acryl fentanyl or tetrahydrofuran fentanyl from known parent drugs like fentanyl (which is the most potent FDA-approved opiate used in human medicine at about 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine and 30 to 50 times more potent than heroin).  The drug dealer’s goal is to make a cheaper, stronger, easier to transport product to get addicts “higher” and make more money.  The unfortunate side-effect is that these new synthetic opiates are so strong, in fact, that people are dying from the minutest amount laced into what they think is heroin.


FDA approved narcan and naloxone available in west palm beach, FL“New Naloxone-Resistant Drug Acrylfentanyl Is a Public Health Emergency” (Cision PR Newswire); “Narcan-resistant Drug Appears in Indiana” (EMSWORLD);Narcan resistant synthetic opioids found in Kentucky” (New Objectives/Blog); “Fentanyl Found in Georgia Resists Life-Saving Naloxone Antidote” (Newsweek)

Logic would dictate that people would never intentionally put something that could very easily kill them into their bodies.  But, logic and addiction are often mutually exclusive, and so goes the unrelenting strength, power, and counter intuitive destructiveness of the disease.  As a matter of fact, my patients tell me that when they hear somebody has overdosed they will intentionally seek out that person’s supplier because it is “good stuff”.  Very scary situation and one which has cost countless lives as this opioid epidemic rages on. This is not because they say “Narcan will bring me back, so it’s OK to continue using.”

Narcan Education by Opiate Detox West Palm Doctors

There is another problem with these new synthetic opioids- the so-called “Narcan-resistant” concept of these powerful drugs.  The most common cause of mortality in opiate overdose is fulminant respiratory depression (i.e. the patient simply stops breathing).  If the patient stops breathing there is no oxygen inhaled to reach vital organs such as the heart and brain.  Prolonged respiratory arrest leads to death or permanent organ damage.

opiate overdose education on narcan by dr ligottiBrain damage from cerebral anoxia can occur in as little as six minutes.  Narcan is the one pharmacologic “antidote” we have to combat acute opioid overdose and death, but it can be far less effective when new synthetic opioids are in the patients’ body, making overdose, organ damage, and death all the more probable even when Narcan is given promptly.

Narcan Education by Opiate Detox West Palm Doctor Needed

To be completely accurate, the term “Narcan-resistant” is a bit of a hyperbolic misnomer.  Narcan will still work in patients overdosing on these new synthetic opiates- that pharmacology doesn’t change, but much, much more is needed to reverse respiratory depression and stave off death.  This is because synthetic opiates bind so strongly to the body’s opiate receptors where Narcan is trying to attach to reverse the opiates’ effect.

narcan for opiate detox in west palm beach with naloxone training dr ligottiThis relative resistance is one reason that Evzio, a Narcan auto-injector (think Narcan epi-pen), recently increased their dose from 0.4mg to 2mg.  The 2mg dose is certainly more effective, but there are even still cases where it is not potent enough!  What this comes down to is that we need some other method to be able to keep patients alive, keep oxygen-rich blood circulating to vital organs, until EMS can arrive, stabilize, and transport the patient to the emergency department. To help save lives, we are providing a FREE naloxone and CPR training, on August 12, 2017. This training is limited to the first 100 registrants. You can register by CLICKING HERE.

Narcan Education by Opiate Detox West Palm Beach Doctors Needed

This other method is as widespread a proficiency and training in overdose prevention as possible, particularly treatment center and sober home employees and patients’ family members, who are in contact with those suffering with addiction. Overdose prevention means the proper administration of Narcan, the ability to activate emergency response and initiate CPR, and the utilization of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs).  These are all necessary skills if we are to do everything we can to save a patient who has overdosed on opiates.

Please consider learning these life-saving skills by signing up for the FREE up-coming “overdose prevention” event sponsored by Whole Health!  Whole Health is a private medical practice in Delray Beach dedicated to saving and improving the lives of patients suffering from the disease of addiction; this is our mission and this is our passion!

Want more evidenced based education on opiate addiction, click below and join Facebook groups:

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Evidenced Based Addiction Treatment

Taste of Recovery

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About The Event


The inaugural Taste of Recovery, a benefit for The Crossroads Club in Delray Beach, Florida, will be held on Saturday, June 3 from 6 – 10 pm at the Old School Square Pavilion at 51 North Swinton Ave, Delray Beach. Guests will enjoy savory bites and desserts from a variety of area restaurants, along with live entertainment at the culinary festival. Louie Bossi, Executive Chef/Partner at Big Time Restaurant Group’s Louie Bossi’s Ristorante, Bar & Pizzeria, will host the event.


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SARGE is an extraordinary entertainer – a musical piano savant, amazing improvisational comedian and singer. He spent part of his young adult life as a homeless addict. In 1990, he had an epiphany that would change his life forever and committed himself to sobriety. SARGE has been clean and sober since then, and has dedicated himself to assisting others who are facing the same battle.  He will serve as MC at A Taste of Recovery.


Saturday, June 3rd


The Cause


In early 1982, a small group of recovering alcoholics decided to start a facility for people who earnestly desired to maintain their total abstinence from alcohol and other drugs. This refuge would be open seven days a week; it would be a place of fellowship and camaraderie; and, of even greater importance, a place to enhance both spirituality and the inner strength to cope with addiction. Because those who suffered were at a literal crossroads in their lives, the name “Crossroads Club” was chosen.

The Crossroads Club is not a treatment center. Rather, Crossroads is a non-profit 12-Step based meeting center that supports an average of 1,000 people per day who are pursuing recovery from various forms of addiction. Since 1982, Crossroads has been an essential element in the recovery of countless individual residents, snowbirds, and other visitors from around the world.  By providing the space for the recovery meetings to take place, Crossroads has helped empower these individuals to reemerge as positive contributors to the community and would greatly benefit from your support. Crossroads’ mission is simply to provide a wonderful safe harbor for individuals to meet to become true to themselves and to be released from the bondages of addiction.

Crossroads also operates the Living Skills in Schools program, which is a substance abuse prevention program that serves school aged children throughout Palm Beach County.

As the years have passed, many more people have found their way to The Crossroads Club. Meeting space is provided weekly for Gamblers Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous, Eating Disorder Anonymous, Debtors Anonymous and a host of other 12-Step groups.

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  • Louie Bossi Ristorante & Pizzeria
  • City Oyster & Sushi Bar
  • Rocco’s Tacos & Tequila Bar
  • Max’s Harvest
  • The Grille on Congress
  • Culinary Convenience
  • Buccan
  • Farmer’s Table
  • Tucker Duke’s
  • LaVazza
  • Rebel House
  • Pappa’s Tapas
  • Season’s 52
  • Papa’s Raw Bar
  • Josie’s
  • Outback Steakhouse


Sponsors 2017


More sponsors to be announced.

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