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Drug Rehabs West Palm Beach Options

Drug rehabs West Palm Beach options are plentiful when seeking inpatient, substance abuse intensive outpatient treatment ( IOP ), or opiate detox. Finding a rehab center near you starts with recognizing that you have a problem and seeking out effective addiction treatment options. Finding the best opiate detox centers and drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs […]

Graph showing the Top 10 best AA Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings West Palm Beach

Best AA Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings West Palm Beach

Why the Best AA Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings West Palm Beach Best AA Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings West Palm Beach because it’s one of the nation’s most popular destinations for addiction treatment. Many individuals come here to start their recovery journey and attend addiction treatment.  The exact number of addiction treatment centers and sober homes is unknown. […]


Disease Models of Opiate Addiction

Addiction treatment Centers West Palm Beach are doing as much as they can in treating drug and alcohol addiction. They are face with difficult barriers from the insurance companies shortening the length of time payable for addiction treatment. Addiction Treatment Centers West Palm Beach Fighting the Heroin Epidemic As most of us are aware, the […]

Treating Addiction (Pregnant Women)

Treating Addiction (Pregnant Women) – Whole Health Addiction Treatment West Palm Beach Treating addiction (pregnant Women) is critical for addicted pregnant women. It is best to have one on one care from a qualified Physician during her pregnancy. There are two lives that must be cared for with specialized treatment. It also requires a detailed treatment plan […]

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Medication Assisted Treatment MAT; A New Breed of Drug Addict

Medication Assisted Treatment Disease Models, and Addiction Treatment for Opiates Medication assisted treatment MAT in West Palm Beach, FL needs to be addressed. At Whole Health outpatient addiction treatment clinic in West Palm Beach, FL., we see 100’s of patients suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. Many do not have a clear understanding on MAT due […]

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MAT Part 2: Addiction Antagonist Therapy

MAT part 2 Medication Assisted Treatment a continuation of our last opiate addiction treatment article from Whole Health in West Palm Beach, FL., explained the definition and use of MAT or Medication Assisted Treatment, in addressing patients struggling with particular substance use disorders. The first article examined the use of opiate agonist MAT therapy (i.e. buprenorphine […]

60% Intravenous Opiate Detox Drug Users Hep C

Addiction Treatment and Hepatitis C 60% Intravenous Opiate Detox Drug Users Hep C say, “I think I’ve got Hep. C”. It is an all-too-common phrase I hear in my addiction medicine practice (West Palm Beach, FL).  As a matter of fact, I would estimate our patients (60% Intravenous Opiate Detox Drug Users Hep C) who are […]

Diseases of addiction Opiate Detox West Palm

Hep C | Close Connection Between Drug Addiction and Infection

Hep C has a close connection to intravenous opiate addiction. At Whole Health in West Palm Beach, FL about 60% of our addiction treatment clients have Hep C. Most IV drug abusers have very little understanding of what else they are injecting into themselves besides their chosen drug.  Bacteria, fungus, viral contaminants, chemicals and even heavy […]

Hep C Addiction Treatment West Palm Whole Health Dr Ligotti

Suboxone Clinic Offers Addiction Professionals HEP C & CPR

FREE Hepatitis C and CPR Training for Addiction Professionals Addiction Treatment Suboxone Clinic West Palm The opioid epidemic is killing more people than car accidents.  Florida Gov. Rick Scott declared the opioid epidemic a public health emergency on May of 2017, and it is still in effect. This is good news for those of us at […]

Narcan Education by Opiate Detox West Palm Doctor

Narcan Education by Opiate Detox West Palm Doctor Opiate Doctor West Palm Beach announces quartrly Narcan and CPR Trainings. In an effort to combat negitive stigma that is being reinforced by the media. Headlines below are in newspapers, magazines, and reported on the daily news now on a horrifyingly regular basis. Many of these articles […]