Why Addiction Treatment Centers West Palm Beach, Florida Have a Notorious Reputation

Addiction treatment centers West Palm Beach is a highly searched term on Google. However, you quickly get overwhelmed with many different listings. There are over 600 drug rehabilitation treatment centers in Florida and over 400 in the West Palm Beach area. That number does not include sober homes, Suboxone clinics and Subxone Doctors. The options are endless when seeking a solution on how to recover from addiction. Drug addiction help is available, but you must be careful when selecting an addiction treatment facility. It is by no mistake there are so many drug recovery programs because South Florida is an attractive destination with its warm weather, exciting historical places, attractions and fun things to do while you are in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

Historical Exposure to Addiction Treatment Centers West Palm Beach

400 Opiate Detox and Addiction Treatment Centers West Palm Beach

The term “addiction treatment centers West Palm Beach” is one of the most searched terms for drug and alcohol addiction treatment for the South Florida area. There are an abundance of opiate detox centers, drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers, sober homes, Suboxone Doctors and clinics. To get a better understanding of why there are so many, you must understand West Palm Beach’s notorious reputation with drug and alcohol abuse. The reputation dates back to the mid 1800’s. Once you understand the history, you can understand why West Palm Beach is considered the addiction recovery capital of the world.

While you are attending a drug addiction treatment program in West Palm Beach, you quickly get exposed to the historical culture that only Florida can provide. Many that receive treatment tend to stay after they complete their program. This is partly due to the culture and history provided by the sunshine state. Therefore, addiction treatment centers West Palm Beach is a popularly search term on Google.

West Palm Beach provides centuries of historical significance with a lavish and upscale atmosphere attracting many to the area. It is by no mistake that Palm Beach County is one of tenth largest counties in the US and one of the major destinations for drug rehabilitation. The rich culture of Florida attributes to there being so many drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers.

Henry Morrison Flagler’s Role for Drug Addiction Treatment Centers

Flagler Museum in West Palm Beach Florida

This rich culture is mainly credited to Henry Morrison Flagler from 1852-1913. He built-up and brought extreme wealth and industry to the South Florida area. In 1870, Flagler partnered with John D. Rockefeller to form Standard Oil. This was a crucial point for the future of West Palm Beach. Standard Oil, the most profitable company in the world for over a century, provided the investment capital for the start of Florida. From there, Flagler developed West Palm Beach’s railway system, grand hotels and massive land development. He brought wealthy investors including Rockefeller, Vanderbuilt and Firestone. Without Flagler there would be no tourism industry in Florida, Palm Beach or Maimi. This popularity also makes addiction treatment centers West Palm Beach a highly searched term on the web.

Why Historic Clematis in Downtown West Palm?

Clematis Street has been the playground for the wealthy across the nation since the turn of the century. The exceptional restaurants, night life, live music, historical landmarks and year-round outdoor activities make it difficult for individuals to leave after completing their substance abuse treatment programs.

The Centennial Square

The Centennial Square is one of the most popular areas in downtown West Palm Beach. This West Palm Beach Waterfront, located east of Clematis Street is the host of major festivals including SUNFEST, and 4th on Flagler. This place hosts the popular Clematis by Night, major events and concerts at the Meyer Amphitheater and waterfront attractions like the Palm Beach International Boat Show make this area extremely popular.

The Addiction Reputation of Clematis Street Historic Commercial District

Addiction treatment centers West Palm Beach History of Carrie A Nation

It is by no mistake that Historic Clematis street in downtown West Palm Beach offers an abundance of addiction treatment centers. It has a reputation of having many individuals abusing drugs and alcohol. Historic Clematis Street’s notorious reputation as a wild and party area dates to 1904. This is when Carrie Nation, one of the first in the nation to oppose alcohol use, declared war on the area. She was one of the pioneers of the temperance movement that helped get the 18th amendment passed for the prohibition of alcoholic beverages.

The Clematis Street Historic Commercial District due to its rich and lavish history is listed in the West Palm Beach Register of Historic Places and also the National Register of Historic Places. The area has grown tremendously since the early 1900’s including its reputation as a party area. This is the main reason the area provides some of the best addition treatment centers in the nation and why addiction treatment centers West Palm Beach is one of the nation’s most searched terms on all the search engines.

West Palm Beach Hosts the Best AA Meetings

Bill Wilson Alcoholics Anonymous Royalty 12 Step recovery document and Last Will and Testament

Click photo to also read Bill W’s Last Will and Testament.

Along with the notorious reputation of attracting many with addiction issues, West Palm Beach has some of the best resources that foster drug and alcohol addiction recovery. Most individuals entering or in recovery need to be continually active in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) by attending meetings and reinforcing the steps in the “Big Book.” AA meetings help prevent relapse, provides a connection to others in recovery, reduces isolation and reinforces the faith of a higher power. AA is a critical piece of maintaining recovery for many. The South Florida area offers some of the nation’s best AA meeting places to help fight addiction.

Top 10 Alcoholics Anonymous 12 Step and Drug Addiction Recovery Meetings in West Palm Beach Florida

1. The Triangle Club
1369 Okeechobee Road
West Palm Beach, Florida 33401

This group offers meetings on different days of the week depending on which group you choose to join. The triangle club offers three spaces for meetings. A small space costs about $70 per month, a medium space $115 a month and a large space for $145 per month. To join the club meeting, you will need to download and complete an application form, and give/send it to the Club manager. This Club offers 12 sessions for recovering alcoholics and drug addicts. Some of their meetings include:

  • Good morning group, Monday-Sunday at 7 am
  • Promises under the Pergola, Monday at 7 pm
  • Lunch Bunch Group, Monday-Sunday at noon
  • Day’s End group
  • Women Seeking the Truth
  • Monday night Men’s group
  • Serenity ladies Group
  • Central Group
  • Back to Basics Big Book Study

2. Palm Beach County Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous
1371 Okeechobee Rd.
West Palm Beach, FL 33401

They are available 24/7 and help associated groups in educating on AA. They focus on the message and principles of the 12 steps for individuals suffering from addiction.

3. The Meeting Place
655 N Military Trail #4
West Palm Beach, Florida 33415

This group offers meetings on Mondays, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday for AA members and NA members. Some of its groups include Beyond Relief, Twisted sisters – for women, A vision for Recovery, Step Study Meeting, and Somewhere to Turn. All of its meetings are held in the evening, giving participants plenty of time after work or other commitments.

4. Easy Does It Club
2677 Forest Hill Blvd #108
West Palm Beach, FL 33406 (561) 433-9971

This is the club with the most AA meetings you will find in West Palm Beach, FL. It offers meetings every day at varying times to fit your schedule. Every week, it offers up to 17 classes for AA and drug addiction participants.

5. Holy Spirit Episcopal
Church 1003 Allendale Road
West Palm Beach, Florida 33405

This is an AA and NA meeting that occurs every Friday at 7 pm. The group calls itself the West Side Group. The motto that guides this group is “A Warm Welcome Awaits You!” and “Descending Dove – Unending Love.” The Holy Spirit Episcopal Church has a rich history, having been founded in 1952 to serve the young families who were moving to the area.

6. Holy Trinity Episcopal Church
211 Trinity Place
West Palm Beach, Florida 33401

This church offers Meetings every Sunday at 7 pm with a group called Promises Candle Light.
This is a group session where participants should be able to feel free to help other people who are trying to better themselves as well.

7. Mary Immaculate Church
390 South Sequoia Drive
West Palm Beach, Florida 33409

This Roman Catholic Church offers meetings every Wednesday at 7 pm. The group name is Friends of Bill W. Group. The Church can be traced back to May 1974 and has a rich history.

8. First Baptist Church
1101 S Flagler Drive
West Palm Beach, Florida 33401

This Church offers a Tuesday/Thursday meeting for men at 7 pm. The Church was founded in 1911 and has a total of 8155 members.

9. Fern House
1958 Church Street
West Palm Beach, Florida 33409

This group provides male alcoholics and drug addicts with a safe, supportive and drug and alcohol-free residency. Participants are guided to develop life skills that will enable them to lead productive lives while sober. The church describes itself as a home for people from all sorts of backgrounds at whatever point in their lives.

10. Memories
1711 Worthington Road #107
West Palm Beach, Florida 33409

This group offers meetings on Mondays and Wednesdays for alcoholics and recovering drug users. Some of its groups include Women on Fire, Let’s Try to be a Little Better Today Group and Third Tradition.

These are just the best top 10 AA Alcoholics Anonymous meetings West Palm Beach. There are an abundance of meetings available in West Palm Beach Florida. Along with the notorious reputation of drug and alcohol abuse comes outstanding resources to assist those in recovery. This is another reason why addiction treatment centers West Palm Beach is a popular searched term.

Delray Beach the Addiction Recovery Capital of America

The New York Times dubbed Delray Beach, Florida the recovery capital of America. It is one of the nation’s most densely concentrated areas for addiction treatment centers, opiate detox, sober livings, Suboxone clinics and addiction doctors. Delray is one of the reasons why addiction treatment centers West Palm Beach is searched so much on the internet. Delray Beach helps more than 5,000 people every week at 12-step meetings. One of those most popular AA meeting places is the Crossroads Club entertaining an astonishing 111 meetings every week. Some find solstice in the large numbers of people suffering from addiction. It is ground zero in the West Palm Beach area for recovery. It is the home for the most;

  • Addiction treatment centers
  • opiate addiction treatment centers
  • cocaine addiction treatment centers
  • heroin addiction treatment facilities
  • residential treatment
  • christian addiction treatment centers
  • holistic addiction treatment programs
  • women’s addiction treatment
  • Sober livings
  • AA Meetings
  • Recovery communities
  • Delray Beach Comradery and a New Life

Delray Beach has the most addiction treatment centers in relationship to its’ geographical location than anywhere is the US. There are also a concentration of the best sober homes in West Palm Beach. However, you may research the listings you get after you search addiction treatment centers West Palm Beach. Many receiving drug addiction help tend to remain in this tropical paradise. The beaches, attractions, warm weather, wealth, outdoor activities and most importantly large numbers of fellows in their life-long recovery journey make it a destination for recovery. The brotherhood is a strong bond that is second to none.

Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens Is A Must Be Place for Serenity

It will only cost you $15 for admission at these beautiful gardens where you’ll enjoy lots of museums, appreciation for the impressive works of art and amazing nature in these unique gardens. Be ready to experience pleasant surprises as you take your afternoon trips along the gardens. Enjoy your lunch in a beautiful outdoor setting and find fresh and delicious meals. Meet the world’s most talented cooks and adore the services by the beautiful and friendly hostesses.

Travelling Solo Or In Groups? Downtown West Palm Beach Is Ideal For You

Many things to do while in addiction treatment centers West Palm Beach

At times you may feel the urge to go out solo. It’s a great feeling too, but where else can you enjoy exciting moments alone or with groups of family and friends if not Downtown West Palm Beach? There are an abundance of local events and activities, combined with first class entertainment from various main stream artists. After a long day work, take your wife or partner and enjoy fabulous meals viewing the ocean, go shopping and take a free trolley ride. The weather is always comfortable and the lavish scenery is almost everywhere you go.

How about sitting by the waterfront? If you love boats and yacht watching, make a date with Downtown West Palm Beach. You’ll never forget such moments. Tour around the interesting art work and don’t miss out on the Green Market on Saturday’s. There are lots of clothes, food, plants, music and many more items you can buy at very affordable prices. Never mind about the parking, because it’s also free.

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Why addiction treatment centers West Palm Beach is searched Often

South Florida’s notorious reputation, old money investments, a destination for the wealthy, warmth, sunshine and attractions make it a popular destination for drug and alcohol addiction treatment. It has so much to offer, however you must stay dedicated to your recovery journey. Learn the foundation of recovery at a treatment center, follow a ridged treatment plan, get involved with the 12 steps and continue with professional help. Surround yourself with others that are dedicated to addiction recovery. Then you can enjoy recovery in West Palm Beach, Florida. After searching “addiction treatment centers West Palm Beach,” make sure you call several and check with the Sober Homes Task Force to ensure they are ethical and have your best interests in mind.