What to Expect

When you arrive for an appointment at Whole Health’s brand-new, state-of-the-art medical facility you will enter into a modern, spacious, and clean waiting area.  The check-in process is quick and easy and every member of the staff at Whole Health is trained to be respectful, professional, and compassionate.  There is typically a short wait time for walk-in visits and, of course, appointments can be scheduled in advance.  You will be brought back to one of our contemporary and impeccably clean examination rooms where a member of our nursing staff will take your blood pressure and vital signs.  Shortly thereafter, one of our expertly trained medical team will arrive to cordially and comprehensively discuss the particulars of your unique medical circumstance and best determine how we can be of assistance.

As a matter of convenience and efficiency, we have on-site diagnostic services including a fully-accredited and licensed laboratory and diagnostic ultrasound, as well as injectable medications and therapeutic modalities that start to work immediately to make you feel better!

At Whole Health you will always find a warm, caring support staff, clean and comfortable environment, and a highly-trained medical team to assist you in achieving wellness and all of your personal healthcare goals!

If you or someone you care about is ready to take the next step toward a healthy future, we are ready to help.

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