Evidence-Based Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

I’ve honestly and rarely had a Dr. that always makes you feel comfortable regardless of the situation. Dr. Ligotti is a addiction specialist, general primary physician, and an internal medicine Dr. I always look forward to going to his office and seeing him.
One thing I really enjoy about him is how family oriented he is. I’ve been a client of his for 3 years and he always looks out for my best interest. There has never been a time that I have ever had to question his treatment plan for me. I fully trust him and his entire staff with what they do. I know plenty of people that he treats that love having him as their Dr.
I know most of his employees and have always been told how much they enjoy working with him. When I say, he will literally do whatever it takes in his power to make you not only feel better, but do better in LIFE, he will do it. If I must see an outside specialist, I always trust his recommendations and have not once been let down. He really is such an amazing guy.
As I sit here there are so many things I really could say about his entire team. If you’re looking for a Dr. and such an awesome team, this is the place for you. Whether you’re struggling with addiction or just need someone to see I PROMISE this is the place and you won’t be let down!


Dear Dr. Ligotti, Words cannot express my heartfelt gratitude to you for saving my life in dealing with my devastating illness. You have always treated me with the utmost respect and medical professionalism during my trying time as your patient. I am convinced that your undivided attention and your winning bedside manner have greatly aided in my feeling better and have given me peace of mind in dealing with my ill health. I also want to express my appreciation to your magnificent staff for following through with the treatment plan you have prescribed for my well-being and comfort. As a team, you and your staff have helped me overcome many of the physical and psychological hurdles that are inherent when undergoing the countless medical treatments I have been subjected to. My hat’s off to you Dr. Ligotti, for guiding me on my long journey towards recovery. May God bless you and and watch over me during this most difficult time. With sincere thanks

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Let us walk you through the treatment process. We're here to help.
100% Free and Confidential. 1 (561) 265-1990
Let us walk you through the treatment process. We're here to help.
100% Free and Confidential.
1 (561) 265-1990