Our Campus

Whole Health’s primary office location is in the heart of Delray Beach. The office is a brand-new, approximately 6000 square foot facility, and is inviting, clean, and spacious so our patients feel welcomed and comfortable! We have a large, open waiting area with two televisions and a large fish tank for our patients’ viewing pleasure while they wait to be seen.

There are nine examination rooms, which minimizes waiting time. We offer extensive on-site services, such as urgent care, EKGs, breathing treatments, diagnostic ultrasound, a fully accredited and diverse laboratory offering a wide array of testing services, women’s health care such as PAP smears, STD testing and treatment, MAT (Medication Assisted Treatment) to assist our addicted patients in discontinuing and abstaining from their use of drugs or alcohol, and much more!

If you or someone you care about is ready to take the next step toward a healthy future, we are ready to help.

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