Drug Addiction Out-Patient Treatment is Available

We can help with opiate detox, and other drugs in an addiction treatment out-patient setting which will allow you to continue working, and spend time with family. If you, or a loved one has a dependence, or addiction to opiate medications, or any other substance use disorder, there may be effective out-patient therapy to allow you to discontinue using drugs.

Addiction Treatment West Palm

Stop living to get high, and start living to enjoy life!

We can determine, at our West Palm Beach, FL offices, if you are a good candidate for this treatment, and carefully guide you to recovery. You may be able to very quickly discontinue dangerous narcotics without painful, miserable side-effects and without hospitalization. We are experienced in opiate detox, medication assisted treatment (suboxone clinic West Palm),  women’s health, addiction treatment for pregnant women, dieases associated with addiction. Call Whole Health today to schedule your consultation!